19. 12. 2014

Purple rain (university article)

Finally, here we are. The first semester is almost over which means that my work for the university magazine is done. I have to say I enjoy every minute of it and it has to be my favorite modul so far. I have learnt so much and it gave me a wonderful idea on how the whole process on making a magazine works, I always wanted to work for a magazine and this modul really inspired me and made me want it even more. I had a chance to take pics of wonderful fifty year old people which I will share with you soon and it was great to hold a camera again. My father was always a great inspiration for me because his photos blows my mind everytime I look at them. Photography together with fashion gives us a wonderful opportunity to express ourselves and after this semester I want to learn more about taking pics. Who knows? Maybe one day my photos will be in real fashion magazines.
This last article is dedicated to purple coulour. Purple was a colour of royalty and there is something very sriking about it. Bold shades screams power and energy while soft shades look very feminine and vulnerable. People who love purple are usually creative, idealistic and sometimes a little bit impratical. They often dream of a future in an ideal fantasy world when everyone is happy and everything is going the right way. Well that explains why I really love this colour. I always was and I always will be a dreamer. Life can be hard sometimes so it is good to escape once in a while to your own perfect little world. I really hope that after reading this you wont think I am an absolut psycho who needs to start taking medication. I just have a big imagination.

Four shades of brown (university article)

I dont think I have ever owned any piece of clothing in dark brown colour. I like beige a lot and everyone can say I am crazy about leopard print. No matter what people say leopard print can look very elegant and feminine so dont let anyone convince you that it is only good for people with cheap taste. Anyway, there is something slightly off putting about brown colour. I cant put my finger on it but it just doesnt feel right.
Brown is a friendly and upproachable colour and it makes a woman look trustworthy, honest and reliable. I hope that my aversion to brown colour does not have to do something with me being untrustworthy, dishonest and unreliable. No, I am not that bad.
Even though I will never own a wardrobe full of dresses and coat in brown colour I have totally different opinion about it when it comes to interior design. There is something very calming about it. Especially brown furniture always makes me feel very comfortable. I already have a perfect picture of my future flat in my head because who doesnt. It is the same with your wedding. Every girl just knows what dress to wear before she even finds the husband. My Manhattan flat (I am not aming high at all cause we all know I will work for Vogue) will be very modern and clean. I would love to have just white and black colour scheme because this combination just fascinates me. However, when I grow old, with Ryan Gosling by my side, I would love to move to a quiet house, far away from the city centre. And this new house would be akk in brown. Vintage wooden furniture and cream walls would just look amazing, dont you think? What is your dream house?

18. 12. 2014

Blue Valentine (university article)

Blue had been voted the most popular colour and I can totally understand why. It is very easy to wear and it has almost the same quality as a black colour without being bland and dull. In my article about pink colour I spoke about its high usage for little baby girls. Blue is the exact opposite and it is usually associated with boys. Well at least in my case.
Blue reduces stress and creates calmness and relaxation so if you are looking for a perfect colour for painting your bedroom blue is a perfect option. It doesn't hurt your eyes and it is usually perceived as a non-threating colour which is a plus. I don't know how about you but I like to feel safe before going to sleep and definitely not to feel like the walls are going to eat me alive. Yeah, I can be a bit paranoid sometimes but the world is a scary place. All things around you just scream danger. Cars, wild animals, dolls, clowns.....Ok I should really stop watching American Horror Story.
I am absolutely sure that everyone owns at least one piece of blue clothing. The most common and popular has to be jeans. I don't know anyone who doesn't have at least one pair in their wardrobe. Apart from me but I am an exception. For some reason I have never found out what is so special about them. Don't get me wrong I love denim so much. But I would rather wear a denim shirt or shorts than jeans. I am not a big fan of trousers in general because it is so hard to find a right fit. Dresses and shorts are just easier to wear. Am I the only one who currently doesn't own any pair of trousers?

16. 12. 2014

The Seven Year Itch (university article)

I am not very happy to admit it but I kinda reached the age when I started thinking about getting married. I am sure that I am slightly infulenced by most of my married classmates having kids and also all those American TV shows that ends with a huge happy wedding. Well, who wouldnt like to marry Barney Stinson or Chuck Bass? Anyway I found myself looking at beautiful wedding dresses more and more often and I already decided that my dress has to be made by Elie Saab. The only problem I am facing now is finding a husband. Unfortunatelly, Aberdeen is not a city with a lot of handsome men so I have to wait until I move somewhere else. New York hopefully. The reason why I mentioned my dream wedding is because I am going to talk about white colour today. Wedding dresses are the first thing that comes to my mind while thinking about white.
White is such a pure and elegant colour that screams cleanliness, softness and innocence which is the main reason for using it on wedding robes. Though these times no bride is exactly innocent and pure. But you get my point. White also used to be a colour of rich people because poor people couldnt afford to clean their clothes on regular basis and as we all know white doesnt stay white for long. Especially for me who always spill drinks and have more ice cream on the clothes then in the mouth.
White shirt is one of the basic garments that should appear in every closet. It is versatile and it can be worn with absolutely everything. White outfits can be very sophisticated but too much white can come across as cold and unemotional. We all know the phrase Cold as ice so try to avoid looking unfriendly and distant.

11. 12. 2014

Green mile (university article)

Green is widely known as a colour of nature and money. That must be the reason why I really like it because I really like both nature and money...well one of them little bit more but let's not say which one.
Green is an emotionally positive colour which brings hope and happiness. It will also help you relax and alleviate depression and nervousness. I really feel like my study room should be painted green to stop me from freaking out before my exams. Or maybe lecturers should start marking all the exams and course works in a green environment (just to clarify, I don't mean they should be in a room when everything is recyclable). It will make them more generous and give them hope that even if the coursework is a total crap the student still has much more to show up. I know it is just a utopia but where else to express my great ideas for improvement of the school system than here on my blog.
''Green with envy'' is a commonly used phrase which does not give green colour the best reputation. Therefore, this colour wasn't particularly popular in the past and it was only in 1930's when PR tycoon Edward Bernays changed the public's view on green. He hosted a Green Ball where he tried to show the beauty and uniqueness of green to fashion editors, interior designers and owners of department stores. He hoped that green would become an appealing colour and American women would start appreciate it a bit more. And why did he do all that? To promote the latest product of his employer - the new green package of Lucky Strikes Cigarettes. So at the end, women started wearing more green and also got a lung cancer. Good for you, Edward.

9. 12. 2014

Despicable me (university article)

First of all I need to ask you something. Is it just me or would anyone else like to own a minion? They are just so cute, funny and stupid! My favorite combination. :) But I guess this is not the topic of this article though there is nothing that represent yellow colour more than them.
If there is a difficult colour to wear it has to be yellow. At least for me. I love it cause it represents joy and happiness. However, there is no colour that will capture our attention than yellow. It basically screams ''Look at me!''. Why do you think that it is often used for cautionary signs? I also read an article about American school buses and the reason they are bright yellow. I never thought that it has to do something with safety rules and regulations in the US. Yes, federal law requires it to protect American children from accidents on roads. To apply this to the fashion world you should wear a yellow outfit if you are not scared to be in the centre of the attention. Because I can guarantee you that you will be seen. If you overuse yellow it can become very empowering and difficult to look at but it is definitely a fun colour to wear. Especially in the spring when all the bugs (absolutely all of them) somehow end up on your yellow top and you feel like in a Hitchcock movie. I am familiar with the fact that he made a horror about birds not bugs but for someone like me who is absolutely terrified of insect it is pretty much the same. So no more yellow for me during the warm days.
Last of all, yellow is a very optimistic colour so if you want to cheer yourself and people around you up put on some yellow blouse or dress (but be aware of the bugs...there are everywhere).

8. 12. 2014

Legally Blonde (university article)


Is there any more girly colour than pink? If you are expecting a baby girl you can be 100% sure that you are going to receive loads of presents in this colour. And to be honest, how many of you would paint her room pink? My friend took it to the next level by buying her daughter clothes and toys with Hello Kitty (I once had a Hello Kitty phone but I swear I bought it just for fun :)). But enough about small kids. Let's take a look at how adults wear this colour. As you probably figure it out the first person who came to my mind while thinking about pink was Elle from Legally Blonde. She sometimes ended up looking like a huge candy which can easily happen if you overuse this colour. You can also naive and immature so be careful about that. But if you use it only on few items it will look great and very feminine.
Pink is a delicate colour which represents romance and love. Studies have also showed that people who were exposed to this colour felt calm and relaxed. Well it is probably a good colour for your baby's room anyway. So what signals do you send to other people when you put on a pink dress? You will definitely look friendly, approachable and in touch with your feminine side. The same thing applies for guys. And let me say one thing. I absolutely hate all the comments about guys being gays if they wear this colour. So boys, please wear pink more often because it looks really good on you.
As you can see I am a big fan of pink colour because I find it elegant and striking. What about you? What is your opinion on pink and more importantly on men wearing this colour. I know it has nothing to do with women's fashion but the general view just really pisses me off.